Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Isabel's 6 Month Beautiful Baby pictures!

I had a wonderful photographer, a friend of mine (Maleigh Canon), take Isabels pictures and they are fabulous! Below are some of the pictures she took. I highly, highly, recommend her for all your photo needs! She's great with kids and gives you plenty of time to take the perfect picture. Please admire!


  1. We have an amazingly beautiful made a great choice in photographers matter how much it costs...costs...costs...jk!

  2. beautiful....both of you! And I LOVE Maleigh! She was in choir with us at Central while we were there, if she's the same Maleigh I'm thinking of!

  3. Yes that is the same Maliegh. She's wonderful! She worked at the camp that Dusty and I met at. It's fun finding connections!