Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ethan's Camp and Family Fun

Last week Ethan got to go to his very first camp, Little Buckaroo Mini Horse Camp! We found this camp at a Summer Camp Expo last February and Gigi thought Ethan just HAD to go to this camp.  It's two half days of learning cowboy lingo, basic horse instruction, ranch chores such as: feeding the fish, rabbit, chickens, goats, horses and pot belly pig; gather eggs, water the horses, groom and train a horse.

We also went to the Starlight Music Series and saw an Eagles Cover band called 'Hotel California'...they were ok,  but we were among a bunch of rednecks and punk teenagers. We must have gotten there at a bad time. But it was still fun listening to music and hanging with the family! Below are pictures of us there.