Thursday, April 22, 2010

Excitement in shopping

I was able to go shopping all by myself today. So I headed to Target. I took my time looking at everything because I knew that this was my one and only chance to do this. I looked at clothing, dishes, picture frames, sale items (found some things, of course) then I walked through the toys. There's the swimming toy isle - I will have to buy that stuff later- there's boys toys; stuff I don't care about! Let's be honest, I don't care about toy action figurines, space stuff, dragons and robot stuff (Thank God Dusty like's that stuff to play with Ethan). THEN!... I pass the dolls, princess, dress-up and all the girl stuff isles. I was taken all the back to my childhood. Playing with my dolls, dressing them up and hooking them up in their car seats to the back of my bike. As I was thinking of playing 'Teacher-Student' with my twin sister Jennifer, I just started getting teary eyed (as I always do) and got really excited about having a girl and playing pretend with her. I'm sure some other mom's can relate with me as they play with their daughters "my little ponies" and "barbies" and just treasure all that time with their daughters. I had to get a grip of myself to get out of that store. If I had the money I would have bought tiaras, tutus, high heal shoes, blinging necklaces, talking dolls, dress up clothes and a huge doll house...I am still dreaming of all the stuff that I could possibly get Isabel. But when I got home all Isabel is doing is staring at Ethan playing with his trains. Maybe she'll be a tomboy...I don't know, but either way, I was again excited and felt overly blessed to have a daughter!!  I will probably be wondering for the rest of my life why God has given me a daughter. I pray that He reminds me during her teenage years about how special it is to have a daughter! As my mother prayed for a daughter and was blessed with two at a time, I am especially blessed with wonderful Isabel! I think I could talk about her all day. She's my pride and joy. There's just something special about having a daughter!

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