Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter fun with the maxwells

Ok so it's be waaaay over a year since I have blogged.
I'll do a short racap:
1. Started working full time again.
2. Dusty was accepted and graduated from the police academy.
3. We had our son Nolan in April.
4. We sold our house.
5. Moved to a cute duplex in college station.
6. Ethan started at an awesome preschool where he's learned to read and write. So exciting to see him learning! He loves it!
7. Living everyday with the love of my life and three beautiful children.

Today, being Easter, it reminded me of how wonderful life can be because of the resurrection of Christ. How beautiful the love of Christ is and what a joy it is that he is risen from the dead, conquered over death, and lives in me!

Here are some events from Easter: the attempt to have fun