Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas fun!!

We started off the season with a visit from Dusty biological grandfather and wife. They came all the way from Oregon!. It was such a treat! What a great couple. I'm so excited to get to know them, as I never got to know either of my grandfathers very well. They stayed all day and played with the kids and we just enjoyed every minute we were with them.

Then came Christmas...We had Christmas on Christmas Eve as my dad had to work Christmas. We received so many great gifts but just being with family was the greatest of all.

 We also got a lot of work done around the house while my dad was here and Dusty was off work.
My Grandmother showed up on Christmas and then my brother and his family showed up Sunday when we had a big dinner and skyped with Jennifer and Brandon and opened presents. It was a lot of fun!!

But we were extremely blessed with the bestest gift for Ethan!! On Christmas I was on craigslist and just happened upon the Free section and someone about 15 or so minutes before I got on posted they were giving away a swing set...about an hour later we got the call saying, come pick it up! I think I was more excited than Ethan! The next door neighbor hauled it on his trailer to our house, which was so sweet! It took no time to set up and Ethan was playing.

  I am now ready for 2011. This next year holds many new things! I start my job as full time and am no longer a 'Consultant'! We're having a baby in April...can't wait to see HIM!! And possibly will be sending Dusty to the police academy...but if not, there's always next time. Let the fun begin!