Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day of REST!!

So today I get a much deserved day of rest. This weekend was so crazy! We headed to Dallas on Saturday after a full day of trying to clean the house and do laundry so we can come home to a clean house - but that didn't happen! At the last minute we started to race the clock to get to Jacob's soccer game, which ended up getting canceled because of rain.
The "plan" for the evening was that Kalie and I get to get out of the house for an evening of girl fun. When we get there the boys want to grill. That's fun and all, but at the last minute when Kalie and I were ready to leave the house, they decided to leave to go to the store to get stuff for the race tomorrow, which took 30 or so minutes. They left us with two really muddy kids in the back yard. I think they just figured they would take a few minutes and they would be back. Yeah, well, as soon as they left the boys wanted in and of course the girls wanted to eat. The point of us leaving the house was for the men to do all this. Oh well! So we threw the boys in the bath to let them play and fed the girls. Finally, the men came home and I bolted out the door (hoping to never come home! HA!).
We started off by going to this Italian restaurant, not bad, but I think it was overpriced for average Italian food. Of course it was raining so we got wet going from store to store. We stopped at Fanchescas and Charming Charlies! Two stores I would totally buy out if I had the money. Of course I didn't buy anything, but looking is fun too. We ultimately wanted to go see a movie but you know, once you go to a movie you just want to go home afterward and I sooo wasn't ready to go home yet. So we went to a coffee shop that Kalie drives by often but has never stopped in. The funny thing was is that it was open yet. Their opening day was going to be Monday and they were having training and wine tasting for their employees. But the door was open and we walked and they insisted we stay and have the employees make us coffees as they needed practice - YAY FOR FREE COFFEE! So we got to stay and visit for quite some time. Finally, we went and saw "Date Night". I thought it was hilarious! I recommend it. It was nice to be away for a while. Thanks guys.
So the next day the guys went to the NASCAR race and we stayed home with the kids. Nothing different except neither girls would to take their naps. Poor Kalie has been stressed out for a couple weeks because their selling their home and they just got done with inspections and is all worried about things. Of course the NASCAR race is canceled until the next day because of rain. So after back and forth deliberating with their bosses they both got off for Monday so they could continue the NASCAR partying. Crazy guys. Dad stopped by with his friend bearing gifts from Gigi (my mom). Cute, cute baby girl clothes and shoes! I love girl stuff!
After a crazy day of being with cry baby girls the men finally came home we popped open the bottle. Drank a little wine, had a martini. A little relief was nice.
Next day was a little nicer, though we had workers coming in and out giving estimates of the problem areas that need fixing on their house. Poor Kalie had to deal with those men. One creeped us out. All kids took naps though - LOVELY!
The guys came home and we left the house around 6:00. Dusty's passed out in the back and the baby is crying. Deadlock traffic I-35E going south, so we decided to take I-35W which then had all the nascar traffic and construction. A 3 hour trip turned to 5 1/2 hours, me driving of course. Such a tiring trip dealing with crying babies and confusing men.
This morning Dusty leaves for work and comes back and hour and a half later saying that they let him have today off too, which he didn't know! Go figure! It sure would have been nice to know he had today off! Luckily it works in my favor. Dusty is taking taking care of the kids! I got to take a shower without hearing Isabel cry and Ethan trying to jump in with me. It's almost 2:00pm and I'm still sitting in my pj's. I'm watching 'Law and Order' and 'Cold Case' while Dusty runs the errands! I think I'm going to take a nap after this. Thank goodness for a full day of rest and an independent husband who can take care of the kids without me. Wish he would do that more often, HA! Thanks for a great day Dusty!

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  1. yay!!! So happy that you are doing this! I love the pics, and what a weekend you guys had! Love you and see you manana!