Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Baby on the Way!!

So I totally forgot to post on our blog that we're PREGNANT again!! It's been crazy! I'm about 9 weeks along. So I'm due 4-22-2010! Yes, that's a life time away. But at least it won't be summer. We were really shocked/excited when we found out since it wasn't planned, but I'm telling you, this baby is no accident. We do have a bet going on for the gender. I believe it's a boy. Dusty thinks it's going to be a girl, simply that he wants it to be a girl so they girls can share a room...silly man. Anyways, way excited, but this first trimester has been sooo rough! Stupid nausea and throwing up. Anyways, there you have.

Oh, Izzy is walking now. She looks like a drunk baby walking around. Quite funny actually! Ethan is in Mother's Day Out four days a week now and loves it!! Thank God. He was so bored at home this summer. Dusty's great as well too. Otherwise, nothing new on the home front other than new baby on the way. YAY!!!!

Love all of you!

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