Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Family Photo!!

So it's been forever since I have posted last. Sorry...especially to Shannon who seems to be the only one looking at our blog you Shannon!
So this summer has been crazy! Ethan went to three camps and I have been gone 5 weeks out of this summer. It's been a whirlwind for sure. People are having Shannon and Whitney; people are getting pregnant...Amanda N!! People are my sister who's moving to NORWAY! Yeah, that's right Norway. I'm totally excited for her but the distance is killer! Brandon, her husband, got a job as an Associate Pastor at North Sea Baptist Church. Totally awesome job. Jenn's going to try and be a substitute teacher at one of the local schools. It was totally God who set all this in motion for them. They sold two cars, all their furniture, and every other thing they own within 1 1/2 weeks! Crazy!  If that ain't a God thing then I'm never going to see one! The first thing they get to is go on this wildly awesome retreat and go water rafting! Jealous? Yes!!! Then at some point they're going to Greece and who knows where else! They're literally traveling the world! Jenn was meant to travel and do missions and do stuff like that. She wasn't meant to be cooped up in a small po-dunk town (called Comanche). So glad she married Brandon who's willing to go to far off places with her!

Any who, we're having a part for Jenn this weekend. Last night we went out to the "Gold Class Cinema" to see "The Switch"... I loved the movie but I loved the theater even more. We have our own personal waiters, we sat in huge comfy recliners, snuggled up to blankets and ate very decedent foods and really fancy pomegranate martini drinks! Living it up high class. Once you go Gold Class you never go back! See you later hard stinky people filled movie theaters with expensive nasty popcorn and cokes. If I'm going to spend money, I'm going to spend it the right way.

Ok enough about that....back to the real world!

Anyways, I got family pictures taken by our near and dear friend and talent photographer Steph Lee so Jenn could have us "with" her.  So now we finally have a family picture of the FOUR of us! YAY!!

Isn't Ethan Hilarious!!!!?

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  1. yay for the fancy movie and your family is too cute! Love you all and enjoy your sis!