Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Year of the Maxwell's!

First and foremost....we are praising Jesus for being so incredibly generous, gentle and loving to this Maxwell family. We have been greatly blessed as Dusty has been accepted by the Sheriff to attend the Police Academy! This has been a long road to get to.  For Dusty, who wanted to work in the Civil Service industry, he had to start from the bottom.
Here's his story....Dusty's dream of going in to the military was sadly halted by a car accident shortly signing up for the Navy. So after a few years of doing odd jobs, getting married, he needed to figure out what he wanted to do. Unfortunately, life didn't get handed to him the way others were. Such as getting a degree, being born in to a family that already had a business. So for Dusty, he was limited in the choices for a career. After searching the area and finding out that going into law enforcement was what he wanted to do and considering any civil service career, meant having a degree, or two years military experience, so he or we, decided that it was best that he start off as a Detention Officer for the Brazos County Sheriff's Office. This meant low, but steady pay, benefits and an opportunity to try and be accepted in their academy. He worked their for 18 months and was eligible to try out for a spot to the Academy. Knowing that it was rare to be accepted to the academy on the first try, his hopes were still high and was confident! Dusty is an extremely hard worker and aims to please. In this situation that's a really good thing! Unfortunately, he did not accepted. Dusty is a very positive person and was able to work harder and learn more after this. He applied to the DRT (Detention Riot Team?) for the jail as well as the Honor Guard and he was accepted to both! He was also promoted to Intake and Release, which is the booking part of the jail...Book 'em Dusto!  Luckily, this has kept his head high.

Six months later he tried again for the academy and was once again rejected. He took it a little harder this time. Mind you, we didn't tell a lot of people that he was trying out for this. So he had to wait another 6 months to apply. The man can ace the written test with a 100 and excel at the physical, but when it comes to being interviewed....that's a whole other story!

Six months came around again!  Aced the written, excelled at the physical. Dusty was really  nervous this go round for the interview. Now, this all took place at the beginning of December.  Usually, candidates find out with in two weeks. Not so with this round! Poor Dusty had to wait almost a whole month to find out!

DUSTY WAS ACCEPTED!! Now I'm at the office working and Dusty was off work that day. He all the sudden texts me to open the door (we're very secure around my office, secrets you know, just kidding). I let him in and he's got this silly ol' grin on his face. I knew right then and there the good news!

You have to understand this as well...we told anyone and everyone - well I did - that Dusty was trying out for this. We were extremely supported!! This helped so much knowing the Lord was receiving all of these prayers!  Anyways, so as soon as I heard the news I couldn't help myself but scream! And the whole office knew!  He was congratulated by all....

So, now on a tight schedule to get his psych evaluation, physical, and all kind of other paperwork and stuff for the academy done, we got right on the ball!

Dusty is so excited about his new adventure! As well as I am. This means ample opportunities as a 'peace officer' or better known as 'policeman'.

So with that being said the excitement has not ended.  As Dusty had excited news, so did I. I was finally, after two and a half years of contract work with my employer - DATATRAK Int'l - they hired me as a full time employee. This is a new adventure for me because I will not only be working from home some, but working from the office. This gives me new work experience and some much needed adult time.  Though, we are not sure how this will all unfold when Dusty goes to the academy as well as a third child, I feel as if, for the first time, God is in control and has His, as well as my families, best interest in mind. Though it may be contrary to others belief on raising children and the woman's roll, I know God gave my family and I this opportunity for a reason and we're just following.

As for the kids, they attend Mother's Day Out four days a week, half days, and then our new and wonderful babysitter Mallory, picks them up from school and brings them home until I come home from work. I will work from home on Wednesday which is going to be extremely tough. But with all the things Dusty and I have endured in our marriage, this is the least of my worries. We are just thankful for a steady paycheck.

So that's that. We have coined this year 'The Year of the Maxwell's' or The year the Lord has blessed us way beyond anything we deserve! Thank you Lord for being so gracious to your children even know we don't even deserve to know You.

Here also are some picture from Ethan's 4th Birthday at the Houston Aquarium:

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