Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Well today is Mother's Day. It's not your typical mother's day where the husband let's you sleep in, makes you breakfast in bed, does all the household chores and the kids make you creative things. No today is just another day. Despite all that I am still blessed to be spending the day alone with my two beautiful children. Taking care of them, loving on them and just being with them is my joy for the day. So despite all the traditional things mother's get to do on this special day, it's still special to me. I love my children so much that I'm ok with spending my special day with the little people that have made this day possible for me to be labeled a mommy.

I am also so grateful for my mother who has loved me through this growing process of becoming mommy. She was an excellent example of what a mother is. Self sacrificing, wise, a great teacher, excellent cook, joyful, humble, loving, incredible, knowledgeable, and most of all she gave birth to me. I love my mother so much that now she's my best friend. I'm so glad that I get to walk side by side with her as she still mother's me while I mother my children. How truely blessed that I got, get and will spend my life with such a wonderful woman of God. I truely love you more than you will ever know. Thank you for being my mom!

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  1. To all of our friends and do not see the love and care that comes from Jessica as she laughs with, cries with, and walks through life with our kids. You do see some of it, but behind closed doors...when no one is looking, nothing changes. She still loves our kids unconditionally. And to you, Jessica, I love you without end. Your heart and love for the kids and I can never be measured nor repaid.
    Happy Mothers Day.